Upstate Safe

During sales pitch was dishonest but we felt pressured into signing contract and handing over bank info. We were not given any contract we signed. We were only given 3 things that day.


My service haven't worked right since I had it I have them several opportunities to fix the problem and it's still not working. I never stopped payment but after coming out 5 different times and still not working I asked for some type of discount. They told me no so I thought that was very wrong because the services was very poor. The whole staff is very unprofessional and I don't want there service in my home.


Alarm system has not been fully functioning since installed. It took me not making a payment to get a technician out. I did not realized in the beginning how unfunctional my alarm system was up until about 6 months ago. I called them on several occasions and was transferred all over the place. THEY called my cell phone on several occasions along with threats to place a lien on my property. The guy to answer the phone through they are the absolute worse. The system has been disconnected for the last 2 months.


I called and requested a paper contract with my signature on it because the one I have does not have a signature, the representative hung up in my face


When a system fails to do the job when needed I would think that would be breech of contract. 


Their whole staff is rude, unprofessional, and liars. I haven't had services with them for 5 months.  I've had it for going on 4 months. All I want is to feel safe in my home again and for them to come get their equipment out of my home ASAP.


They had 4 chance to get it right and they didn't. 


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